What is 8 Ball Pool?

The Balls & the Cue Stick

Apeball/8 ball is played on a billiards table with cue sticks(58in/147cm long stick used to hit the cue ball), a blank ball(cue ball), and 15 object balls numbered 1โ€“15. Balls 1โ€“7 are solid colors and referred to as โ€œsolidsโ€, while balls 9โ€“15 are stripe colored or referred to as โ€œstripesโ€.

The Break Shot

The first shot of the game is known as the โ€œbreak shotโ€. All of the balls, except the cue ball are set up in a triangle fashion at the back end of the table while the cue ball is behind the scratch line at the front of the table.

How to Shoot

For every shot including the break shot, the players will begin by taking their pool cue and hitting the cue ball. They must hit the cue ball first and the cue ball must make contact with the other balls on the table.

After the Break Shot & Deciding Solids/Stripes

If the player manages to pocket a ball on the break, that player will have to pocket the rest of whichever group of balls they pocketed. If they pocket both a solid and a stripe ball, the table will remain open and they can pocket any group of balls they like.

How to Win!

After the group of balls that each player must pocket has been decided, the solids player must then pocket the balls of solid colors while the stripes player must pocket the stripe balls. The player who pockets their entire group of balls and then legally pockets the 8 ball wins the game.

Note that all game play rule mechanics are completed automatically to make it as easy as possible for the user.

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