Matches are the main form of gameplay inside of Apeball. They are the heart of Apeballs' ecosystem. Players compete with each other to hone their skills, rankup their profiles, level up their pool cues, win challenges, collect achievements, earn $ABT, and more!

Ranked Matches:

Ranked Matches, the bread & butter of Apeball, are played between two players and paired via the in-game matchmaking system to assure fair and competitive competition. To join one of these matches, each player must put up a predetermined entry fee in the form of $ABT that will be put into a prize pot. The players will then compete against each other to win the prize pot! Another critical aspect of ranked matches is the ability to win and collect trophies, thus ranking up your profile. Every ranked match has a predetermined amount of trophies that you can either gain or lose by winning or losing matches. There are 16 different tiers of ranked matches with an ascending entry fee and trophy potential. The player can access these upper tiers by competing and ranking up. These matches are played in Apeball’s Arenas and are themed for each tier.

Requested Matches:

Gives players the ability to send match requests to any other player. The person who sends the requests can either choose to play with no prize pot or set a prize pot that the other player will have to agree on before the match commences. If playing for a prize pot, the minimum entry fee applies. These matches are played in the hosts’ private room.

Practice Matches:

Gives the player the option to hone their skills by playing against themselves/friends via LAN/pass n' play or a difficulty adjustable CPU.