🙊NFT Assets

A core element in Apeball is the use of NFTs as the games virtual assets. Apeball will be driven by NFTs that assist in fueling the game’s virtual economy.

Players will have the ability to buy usable NFTs as digitized items that can be utilized in the Apeball ecosystem. Players will have the option to purchase these usable NFTs that include a selection of arenas, pool cues/tier upgrades, pool tables, pool balls/accessories, rooms, power ups/consumables, and more!

Below are some of the different types of NFTs to be implemented into Apeball:

More information can be found for each type of NFT in the specific tabs that can be found in the sidebar.

Arenas: Arenas are limited virtual real estate NFTs that players can purchase and use to host their own tournaments and matches.

Pool Cues: Pool cues are limited NFTs that give players unique looks and attributes.

Pool Tables: Limited edition pool tables allow players to customize their rooms. These pool tables come in a variety of different rarities and styles.

Pool Balls and Accessories: Players have even more customization possibilities to add to their rooms/arenas.

Pool Rooms: NFT pool rooms give players the ability to customize their own rooms to their own liking.

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