đŸĨĸNFT Pool Cues & Tier Upgrades

Pool cues are NFTs that players can use to boost their in-game attributes. Each Pool cue starts out with no tier rating and can be upgraded up to 6 different ascending tiers. Each ascending tier gives a boost to the NFT pool cues attributes and stats.

How to upgrade an NFT pool cue?

To upgrade an NFT pool cue to the next tier requires TWO things.

  • You must have the specified tier upgrade card for the next tier.

  • And the pool cue must have the required experience. This means that the player must gain XP by participating in matches with that specific pool cue.

Once the player reaches the required XP level for the next tier level, they can use a tier upgrade card for that tier.

What happens when I upgrade my NFT pool cue?

When an NFT pool cue gets upgraded to the next tier, the stats and attributes of that pool cue get a significant boost. This also means that the rarity of the NFT pool cue increases because the player must work to upgrade it and not just "pay-to-win". Thus increasing the value of that NFT!

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