๐Ÿช™Apeball $ABT Token

With a total supply of 10 Billion, the Apeball token ($ABT) will be the main utility token, which will power the entire Apeball ecosystem.

Apeballโ€™s ecosystem is built utilizing blockchain technology. Apeball has its own unique cryptocurrency known as $ABT or the $Apeball Token. The $ABT token is created as a utility token utilizing the Polygon blockchain, thus providing safe, reliable, & quick transactions at very low fees. $ABT tokens are used for all in-game transactions, including competing in matches & tournaments, trading & purchasing NFTs, and buying items & accessories from the in-game marketplace/store.

You can earn the $ABT token in multiple ways:

Competing in Ranked Matches and Tournaments: Players can compete in ranked matches & tournaments against other players by paying an entry fee into a prize pot. The winning player takes all.

Tribe Battles: Tribes will be able to join Tribe battles. If the Tribe places in the top 100, the token earnings will be distributed equitably.

Spectating: Players can spectate in specified matches/tournaments by paying a small predetermined fee and choosing the player that they think will win. All of the tokens collected through the spectator entry fees will be put into a spectator prize pot The spectators that choose the winning side will get the entire spectator pot split evenly.

Collecting Loot Box Prizes: Players can earn loot boxes by playing or competing in multiple ways. Some of the potential ways players can earn these loot boxes are through winning ranked matches, tournaments, completing challenges & achievements,

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