The Official Whitepaper for Apeball V1.0

Apeball is an all new take on the classic game 8 Ball Pool, becoming the FIRST EVER crypto-based pool game utilizing cryptocurrency as the in-game token, and NFTs as the games virtual assets. Our team sought to create a fun, simple, yet highly addictive free to play, play-to-earn & compete-to-earn crypto game on both PC and mobile.

Combining the Metaverse, blockchain technology, decentralized finance, and limited NFTs, Apeball brings a refreshing 3D multiplayer gameplay experience to the masses. With head-to-head and TRIBE vs TRIBE tournament style matches, you will never be short on unparalleled experiences. Play against people all around the world and compete to be the Alpha Chimp.

Apeball's ecosystem is built on both the play-to-earn & compete-to-earn models. By participating and "playing" in daily, weekly, and monthly challenges, every player gets a chance to earn the in-game token known as $ABT($Apeball Token). Then by "competing" in 1v1 matches and/or tournaments with your fellow chimps, players get a chance to earn even more $ABT.

To give players a stake in the Apeball ecosystem, each player is able to purchase and trade NFT assets. Some of the assets come in the form of arenas, avatars, pool tables, pool cues, pool balls, and rooms to give the user unique attributes and customize to their own look and playing styles. Players will also get to purchase an array of different items including loot boxes, consumables, and basic pool game accessories from the in-game store. And with an in-game NFT marketplace, where players can trade NFTs with others and purchase new NFTs from monthly collections, it has never been simpler!

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