Players can take advantage of daily and weekly challenges that they can participate in to earn loot boxes!

What are challenges?

Challenges are unique opportunities for players to earn free loot boxes. These challenges come in a variety of tasks for the player to complete. New challenges will be introduced on a regular basis. One of Apeball's very first challenges to be introduced is the Bullseye Challenge.

The Bullseye Challenge

The objective of the Bullseye Challenge is to land the 8 ball within the bullseye rings for the chance to earn a loot box. The challenge is complete after the first successful shot of three attempts, whichever comes first. Depending on the ring the player manages to land the 8 ball in, the player can win different tiered prizes. These prizes can range from $ABT tokens to NFT pool cues & accessories and more!

What do challenges do for the community?

Apeball's goal behind these challenges is to give each player, whether they are involved in cryptocurrency or not, a chance to earn NFT items/consumables and/or tokens. This gives every player that joins and plays Apeball an opportunity to enter the cryptocurrency space without any initial investment. Players can then use those earned tokens to compete in ranked matches for a chance to earn even more $ABT!

The byproduct of this strategy is the steady increase of player adoption and capture of new users entering the community, thus driving the Apeball ecosystem.

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